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Rwanda Bwenda - Espresso Roast - Coffee Bean Subscription

Rwanda Bwenda - Espresso Roast - Coffee Bean Subscription

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Order Rwanda Bwenda Filter Roast Coffee Beans on a Flexible Subscription

Now available for you to order on a flexible coffee by post subscription!

The owner of Bwenda, Bernard Uwitije, is a native of southern Rwanda, in the district of Nyamagabe. Coming from a region where coffee was a dominant crop, he first entered the sector trading ordinary home processed coffee. He later learned of the added value if one processed fully. Wanting to set up a proper and sustainable business in the coffee sector, he built his first wet mill near his hometown in 2016. He used the first year to learn all the details of operating a wet mill successfully, and he built a second washing station the following season, where he then mastered processing large volumes without compromising quality. Bwenda was his third washing station, which he built in 2018 after realizing a group of farmers, who were a bit isolated, did not have a closer washing station to process their cherries into high quality coffee. 2019 was the first season of operating Bwenda, processing only 1 container worth of cherries. Bernard is already developing various programs to help farmers delivering to Bwenda with extension services, as well as expanding the capacity of the wet mill.

With an excellent SCA score of 87, this natural speciality coffee is available as an espresso roast (for our filter roast of the same bean click here), and has raspberry, tropical fruits like mango, and dark chocolate that make a very complex cup. This roast works well as an espresso or milk based drink, as well as a Moka pot or Aeropress.

As with all our products, it's packed and supplied in 100% biodegradable resealable bags. Our Rwanda Bwenda speciality coffee is available for you to buy online as whole beans to grind at home, or you can purchase it as freshly ground coffee in coarse, medium or fine grinds. 



Bernard Uwitije

Espresso (Medium-Dark)



Cupping Notes:
Raspberry, tropical fruits, dark chocolate 

Red Bourbon

SCA Score:

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Whole Beans For you to grind at home with your own grinder
Coarse Ideal for cafetière, French press
Medium Ideal for V60, AeroPress, Chemex
Fine Ideal for espresso, moka pot


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