Coffee Making Supplies, Tools, Equipment & Accessories

It has been known for some of you to refer to this web page as 'coffee making heaven' - I wonder why! Of course we know why - this is where the heart of coffee making craftsmanship begins and for many, where it ends. This isn't about all about whooshing and gurgling and all of the drama that goes with automated coffee making.

The coffee making supplies, tools, equipment and accessories that we've carefully sourced for you here are very personal, almost zen-like in terms of the peace that one can gain from making the perfect cup of freshly roasted coffee.

When you think of the simplicity of pouring hot water over ground coffee beans or even slowly, and steadily forcing hot freshly brewed coffee through carefully crafted filters, you can't help but feel calm and relaxed.

Please find our range of Hario filter papers, V60s, AeroPresses, and other coffee making accessories below. We try to maintain our stock levels however some items sell out really quickly, so don't delay - buy whatever you need now, or at the latest, today!