Filter Coffee - Our Best Seasonal, UK Roasted, Speciality Coffee Beans

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    Here at Copper Coffee Roasters, we've collected a range of fresh, seasonal, speciality coffee beans from around the world that are just right for making that perfect cup of pour over filter Chemex coffee, or V60 coffee at home.

    Chemex coffee or V60 filter coffee, no matter what kind of coffee filtering method you use to make your favourite brew, our single origin or coffee blends listed on this page have been tried and tested by our team here in Cobham.

    Go on, treat yourself or someone special and order some of the best pour over filter coffee beans online now, for delivery direct to your door!

    7 products
    The Clubhouse Coffee | Speciality Coffee Blend
    from £8.50
    Guatemala Coatitlan | Single Origin Speciality Coffee
    from £10.75
    Seasonal Winter Warmer | Speciality Coffee Blend
    from £9.75
    Colombia Decaffeinated | Single Origin Decaf Speciality Coffee
    from £9.95
    Personalised Coffee | Roaster’s Choice Speciality Coffee Gift
    Peru Granadilla | Single Origin Speciality Coffee
    from £8.95
    Burundi Agahore Lot A0002
    from £10.50
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