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    Why buy Copper Coffee?

    Our coffee is freshly roasted and has superior taste at affordable prices. We ensure our coffee is sourced responsibly and with high standards of quality control. We are a small business so our customers experience is something we care about immensely.
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    Will my order arrive quickly?

    We attend to orders every weekday, packing freshly roasted coffee and brewing products to ship via Royal Mail as soon as possible after the order has been made. If we have it in stock, your order will usually be handed over to RM within 24hours (not including the weekends). However, we don't roast every day, so if you order a coffee we don't have in stock we will ship your order on the next roast day (roast days are typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
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    Who is Wholesale coffee for?

    Our wholesale customers are typically other businesses who buy large amounts of our coffee at once. These are shops and businesses in hospitality, for example, who resell our bags to their customers or brew our coffee for their patrons.
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    What if there is an issue with my order?

    Please let us know if there is a problem with your product or order. Email and we will do our best to resolve the issue for you as soon as we can.