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House Espresso Coffee Blend - Whole & Ground Roasted Coffee Beans

House Espresso Coffee Blend - Whole & Ground Roasted Coffee Beans

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House Espresso Coffee Blend - Brazil, Colombia, & Costa Rica Coffee Beans   

Our House Espresso blend has been tried, tested and perfected to make the perfect espresso coffee. Using a blend of three different coffees from Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica, we've managed to combine their unique flavours to make a fantastic blend that you can use in your bean-to-cup coffee machine at home to make café quality coffee.

This combination of darker roasted beans has a deep chocolate flavour, with a hint of caramel at the finish; perfect if you enjoy your coffee as a flat-white, latte or cappuccino.

Packed and supplied in 100% biodegradable resealable bags and available for you to buy online as whole beans for you to grind yourself, we've also made our House Espresso Speciality coffee available to purchase as freshly ground coffee in coarse, medium or fine.

Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica

Washed, Natural

Cupping Notes:
Chocolate, Caramel, Nutty


Caturra, Castillo, Typica, Catuai, Mundo Novo

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Matthew Davies
Great coffee and great service

I have recently converted to Copper Coffee Roasters from a monthly online subscription service. The quality and freshness of the coffee is excellent and living locally to the roaster, I can take advantage of the free local delivery. Always a good variety of beans and the house espresso blend is excellent.

Excellent blend

I find this blend quite flexible to temperature settings with constant grind, while maintaining 19:38g @ 28-30 sec output ratio. Changing temp from 91C to 95C I can get all variations of taste, starting from prevailing pleasant fruity acidity all the way to clear chocolate notes, but always enjoyable espresso as result! Great beans for experimenting

Tom Konig
Fine ground and beans

Just finished a bag of winter warmer beans. Bought a hand grinder and hand grinding fresh beans is releasing aromas that are out of this world. The coffee is then something to saviour. Buy this coffee, it’s delicious

Good Coffee!! Excellent wuick service. Highly recommended

Is it possible to do extra fine ground?

High praise from a fussy Italian!!

I was sent a pack of the House blend for Christmas, and have fallen completely in love with the amazing flavour. It was like being given a huge hug!! I ordered some more and thought I'd try the Espresso blend too. Wasn't expecting it to better my usual Italian brand, but it has. I'm Italian and very fussy about my coffee. Very impressed and happy. My next order is on it's way!!

Quick Grind Guide: Our Coffee Grinds Explained

Whole Beans For you to grind at home with your own grinder
Coarse Ideal for cafetière, French press
Medium Ideal for V60, AeroPress, Chemex
Fine Ideal for espresso, moka pot


For a more detailed explanation of the variety of grinds that are used around the world, please take the time to visit and read our blog article - Ground Coffee... Grinding It Out - Our Coffee Grind Guide.