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Whole & Ground Roasted Colombian Coffee Beans - Colombia Excelso
Colombia Excelso - Whole & Ground Roasted Colombian Coffee Beans
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Colombia Excelso - Whole & Ground Roasted Colombian Coffee Beans

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Excellent service, great coffee and local

Excellent coffee and great service

I've recently come across Copper Coffee Roasters and now won't buy my coffee from anywhere else. Wide selection of beans, always freshly roasted and taste delicious. I try to drop in for a coffee as they're very welcoming and love to chat about all things coffee but have also ordered online and the coffee arrived next day.


Colombia Excelso - Whole & Ground Roasted Colombian Coffee Beans

A great way to start the day

I have tried several different beans - all fine ground - for use in our cafetiere or in my re-useable espresso pods and each has been superb. Roasted to perfection and ground just right. All beans are excellent, but if pushed, my favourite to date would be the Columbia Excelso. Thank you, Copper Coffee Roaster!

Happy regular customer

The best Colombian beans I’ve tried.

Colombian Excelso Coffee - South American Coffee Beans        

The South American country of Colombia has very strong roots in the coffee industry, as it was once the world’s largest producer of washed coffee beans. Annually, Colombia exports approximately 12.5 million bags and consumes 2 million bags internally. Coffee beans are produced in three main geographical areas, trisected by the Andes mountain range.            

Excelso Colombian coffee beans are large with a screen size of 15-16, second only to the Supremo bean with a screen size of 17. Colombian coffee is graded before shipment according to bean size, and Excelso beans accounts for the greatest volume of coffee exported from Colombia.   

Our speciality Colombian coffee beans are medium-dark roasted, producing a strong coffee with notes of sweet citrus and lemon. It’s a versatile coffee that can easily be brewed in a variety of methods, including a French Press, V60, AeroPress and Moka Pot.

Packed and supplied in 100% biodegradable resealable bags and available for you to buy online as whole beans for you to grind yourself, we've also made our Colombia Excelso Colombian coffee available to purchase as freshly ground coffee in coarse, medium or fine.    


Antioquia, Huila


1100 - 1900m

Cupping Notes:
Sweet Citrus, Rich


Caturra, Castillo, Typica

SCA Score:

Quick Grind Guide: Our Coffee Grinds Explained

Whole Beans For you to grind at home with your own grinder
Coarse Ideal for cafetière, French press
Medium Ideal for V60, AeroPress, Chemex
Fine Ideal for espresso, moka pot


For a more detailed explanation of the variety of grinds that are used around the world, please take the time to visit and read our blog article - Ground Coffee... Grinding It Out - Our Coffee Grind Guide.