Ground Coffee... Grinding It Out - Our Coffee Grind Guide

freshly ground coffee beans in a jar with Hario Skerton Plus stabiliser


We've had a few questions from you about the different grind levels that we offer in our ground coffee range, so we thought we'd delve into the topic in a little bit more detail with 'Grinding It Out - Our Coffee Grind Guide'.

If you own a grinder, well done! It’s worth the investment. But if you don't, we can grind your coffee for you and we grind to three different levels (which we will come to later).

Deciding on a grind is a hot topic amongst professional baristas, there is almost an obsessive quality to the topic; it is never laid to rest. However, if you want to brew a great cup of coffee at home, you do not need to dive deep into this Coffee Physicist level of knowledge. You do need to know one thing: when you get the grind right, your coffee game will reach heavenly levels. It is for this reason I own a Wilfa home grinder.

Grind affects the mouthfeel and body of the cup and can unlock some of the subtle notes freshly roasted coffee holds.

To get straight to the point (which is to brew and enjoy your coffee!), we have provided a little guide to speed things up a little.

Our Coffee Grind Guide

French Press

This requires the coarsest grind you will likely use to brew coffee, it produces a wonderful deep cup of flavour.

However, if you prefer your coffee with much more body and kick, copy the AeroPress grind (experimentation is encouraged!).


Here the grind size affects flavour more radically than other brew methods. If your coffee tastes flat and a bit uninteresting, try going a touch coarser with your grind.


I often think of this method as hybrid between a French Press and filter. Here is the largest jump between our brew methods and the grind gets much finer.

Moka Pot

The old Italian favourite, and temptation here is to go as fine as you can. Do it. Go as fine as you can, going fine is normally a challenge on your home grinder. Try and taste. You may have hit gold first time, but if it is too bitter, on your next grind, try taking it down a few notches. You should find yourself hitting the jackpot.

We've chosen three different grind options for you, so you can either order whole beans (and grind yourself), or order fine, medium, or coarse, and we'll grind it for you. Using the chart above, you should be able to get a good idea of which would be best for you, depending on how you take your coffee. Whichever way you prefer, we're here to help!

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