We now offer training in all things coffee related; either at our roastery using some of the best coffee making equipment out there, or at your coffee shop at a time to suit you.

What We Offer

Coffee making is a complicated process - we can tailor the training to your specific requirements but there are some basic things we cover:

  • Coffee 101 - £35 per person, 1 hour session
- Where does coffee come from?
- Harvesting and processing methods and how these impact flavour
- Countries of origin and the importance of altitude
- The role of the coffee roaster vs the barista
- Basics of coffee brewing: coffee to water ratios, different brew methods
- Coffee tasting!
  • Espresso Making Deep-Dive - £45 per person, 1 hour session
- Qualities of a good & bad espresso
- Why 27 - 32 seconds is the magic extraction window to aim for
- Coffee ratios
- The importance of grind size, dose and freshness of coffee
- Dialling in a grinder & coffee machine
  • Barista Training (for cafes) - £50 per person per hour (usually takes 2 hours)
- Espresso making - extraction time, grind and dose adjustment on the fly
- Milk to coffee ratios - the differences between flat white, latte, cappuccino etc
- Milk steaming - the importance of milk temperature and how to get the right texture
- Coffee shop hygiene and how to build good coffee making habits
- How to keep your machine and grinder in good working order - daily/weekly cleaning routine


To book a training session either call Matt on 07974195853, email on or use the contact form to arrange a time and date.