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    Felicita Coffee Scales & Stove Top Drip Kettles from Hario

    Elevate your home-barista skills to new heights! For the coffee aficionado who wants to take their coffee making to the next level, find our selection of coffee scales and stove top kettles from recognised brands like Hario and Felicita.

    All of our Hario coffee kettles have restricted flow, gooseneck pouring spouts and all of our Hario and Felicita scales with built in timers help you get the perfect extraction time, have 0.1g accuracy, and are specifically designed for coffee brewing.

    8 products
    Timemore Coffee Scales
    Fellow Stagg Pour Over 1L Kettle - Matte Black
    Hario V60 Drip Kettle AIR
    Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scales
    Felicita Incline Drip Coffee Scales
    Felicita Incline Drip Coffee Scales in use
    Felicita Incline Drip Coffee Scales
    Yagua Compact Bench Coffee Scales
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