Cafetiere Coffee - Best Coffee for French Press Coffee Makers

Looking for the best coffee for French press coffee makers? To make your search for the best cafetiere coffee easier, this page showcases our range of seasonal and speciality coffee beans that will make you the best French press coffee.

The French press, also known as a cafetiere dates all the way back to 1923 and has become a firm favourite amongst the caffeinated. Cafetiere coffee is a timeless classic for a reason - it’s rich, full bodied and can be made within minutes. To make the perfect French press coffee, try using our popular Bodum Brazil Cafetiere, the stylish copper coloured Bodum Chambord, or the shatter-resistant Infusion Potz.

Best French Press Coffee Beans, Whole or Ground for Cafetieres

We're often asked what coffee do you put in a cafetiere? The answer is simple - to make a classic french press coffee, the most popular recipes use around 37g of medium or coarse cafetiere coffee beans, per 500ml of water. Using a medium or coarse grind is preferred as finer grinds can become stuck and push their way through the filter.

Whether you enjoy grinding whole coffee beans yourself or prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee beans, we have a wide selection to suit all of your coffee making needs. Please take a look at our carefully selected, seasonal, speciality roasted ground cafetiere coffee and whole beans.