The Humble But Mighty Moka Pot

It has become so ingrained in Italian coffee culture, there isn't a single home in Italy that does not own at least one Moka Pot, and it wouldn't be unusual for most households to own at least three of these humble devices, as either coffee trophies in the kitchen or relics which have been handed down by family.

Coffee in an Italian home is a morning ritual normally assigned to the first to wake up. Its fragrance often the reason the rest of the household wakes up as the aroma gently wakes even the most stubborn sleepers. If you have never had the pleasure of waking up this way, try it, I assure you it will put a smile on your morning. 

It is a simple brew, if you are not already familiar you would likely work out the basic idea without any instruction, So below is less of a how to brew, and more of a … how not to brew. 

At this point if you are Italian, you will likely disagree, citing some ancient family lore as the gospel and only method to be used, so if you feel that strongly please add a comment below and we will try it your way too! 

How (not) to brew

  1. Bottom chamber - fill with water until just below the valve, do not overfill it with water.
  2. Middle chamber - fill with ground coffee, ground to slightly finer than sand, it should loosely sit flat in the middle chamber, do not pack it down or overfill. It will ensure all the coffee is brewed evenly.
  3. Place on your hob at a high heat setting, and the moment you hear the coffee gurgle and sputter, switch the heat off and remove from the stove. Do not let the brew boil


  • To go the extra mile use filtered water.
  • To take your moka pot game up a few notches, use preheated boiling water in the bottom chamber, this speeds things up for you and conveniently brews a better cup - but mind your hands, the metal gets very hot and make sure you've screwed things on properly or you will scald your hands!  

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