Lazy Sundays: A French Press Brewing Guide

For that perfect Sunday cup of coffee, welcome to Lazy Sundays: A French Press Brewing Guide.

Coffee is best enjoyed by following a recipe. Feel free to think of yourself as a chef. For example, every time you make meals, there will be times where you just want a quick and easy takeaway, and others where you will want to throw something together for a quick fix when you get back from work. However, for those times where you want it done properly, you will likely take your time, use high-quality fresh ingredients and likely follow a recipe.

By following a recipe consistently, you can make a delicious coffee every time.

If this concept Is new to you, have no fear, the following guide is designed to be an easy introduction, a simplified recipe, with minimal equipment. Perfect for a Lazy Sunday.  

You will need:

  • Freshly ground Copper coffee
  • A set of scales
  • Kettle
  • Water
  • French Press / Cafetière

Now for the recipe:

Put the kettle on and boil 500ml of water. Don't worry - boiling is OK!

Put your French Press on the scales. Tare it off to 0.0

  • Add your 37g* of coarsely ground coffee to the French Press.
  • Now add your boiling water and give it a quick short stir.
  • Here is the hard part.
  • Wait – 5 minutes…
  • One more full 360 stir.
  • Wait for a minimum of 4 minutes.

I know, this might seem like madness, but the waiting time is very important! You need time to extract the best flavour from the coffee, but also to allow it to cool down enough to drink. During this process, the coffee is extracted into the water. It is becoming the delicious cup you want it to be. So, embrace the Lazy Sunday, and make some breakfast while you wait. If you go over 4 minutes do not worry it's still good!

Now plunge down very slowly – and pour your Lazy Sunday cup of coffee!

Happy drinking!


*For 1l of Coffee = 74g ground coffee (16tsp)

*For 500ml of coffee = 37g of ground coffee (8tsp)

*For 250ml of coffee = 18.5g of ground coffee (4tsp)

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