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ethiopia duromina limu, ethiopian coffee from Copper Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Duromina Limu - Whole & Ground Roasted Ethiopian Coffee Beans

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Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Whole & Ground Roasted Ethiopia Duromina Limu

With its perfect growing conditions for coffee beans, Ethiopia is considered by many to be the original home and birthplace of coffee, in fact the best, and unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Although Ethiopian coffee beans have grown wild on trees for centuries, creating an amazing Ethiopian coffee history, farmers cultivate coffee in small plots near their homes and on densely shaded hillsides.

Duromina, which means ‘improve their lives’ in the Afan Oromo language, is a cooperative formed in 2010 by farmers who wanted to do just that. The farms are located in the Jimma Zone, Ethiopia coffee region of Western Ethiopia. 

Our Ethiopia Duromina Limu mixed heirloom coffee beans, with a unique Ethiopian coffee taste, are a medium roast which brings out the notes of lime, ginger, and hops. 


Lime, Ginger, Hops


Mixed Heirloom


Quick Grind Guide: Our Coffee Grinds Explained

Whole Beans For you to grind at home with your own grinder
Coarse Ideal for cafetière, French press
Medium Ideal for V60, AeroPress, Chemex
Fine Ideal for espresso, moka pot


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