About Us

We are Copper Coffee Roasters; a small, family-run speciality coffee roasting company in the heart of Surrey. Our goal is simple; get everyone drinking amazing coffee!


“When are we buying a coffee roaster?” This was a regular conversation that we had over our working careers, but it took us until 2020 to bring this plan into action. Our roaster arrived from Turkey mid lockdown 1 and we set to work learning by doing. We practised and practised, sampling coffee from four different origins to start with, and started selling them to friends and extended family. The feedback we got was incredible. 

 We quickly built ourselves an online store and started selling coffee across the UK. Cafés that had heard the good news about a new local artisan coffee roaster started to approach us, and we began to build our wholesale offering, providing training and advice to the local business community. In September 2020 we opened our café at The Roastery at Cobham, serving our own speciality coffee by the cup. With more than 8 tonnes of coffee roasted, over 5000 cups of coffee sold and over 15 varieties of single origin speciality coffee to our name, we never imagined we’d be as far into our journey as we are, all with the support of an amazing gang of local coffee nerds.  

We are passionate about getting each roast just right – we believe our goal as coffee roasters is to try to roast speciality coffee in a way that celebrates each origin and farms uniqueness. Coffee served through our La Marzocco espresso machine is also given the exact same love and care, with every shot dialled-in to perfection. We hope to spread the same enthusiasm for speciality coffee and the coffee making process as far as possible. We don't do anything by half measures.

 Ethical trading, eco-friendly best practices and sustainability are at the core of everything we do. We only buy coffee from respected coffee wholesalers with high welfare standards. We are partnered with a 100% renewable energy provider, so every roast (powered by our all-electric Toper Coffee Roaster) and every cup sold is as green as we can possibly make it.




 My love affair with coffee is a funny story. Having spent 10 years recruiting into the Vending and Catering industries, I would never have called myself a coffee lover, until one trip to Caravan Coffee Roasters, a speciality roaster and café in London. After declaring “I’m not really a huge coffee fan” I was given a Kenyan filter coffee to try. “That doesn’t taste like coffee” I said in amazement. “No, that’s how coffee is SUPPOSED to taste” I was told. Flash-forward three years and now a proud coffee nerd, you’ll find me most days obsessing over every coffee I make, playing with new coffee brew methods and trying to learn everything there is to know about speciality coffee.

Favourite Coffee - Filter

 Favourite Origin - Rwanda  



My background with food and drink stretches back 30+ years, starting when I was tasked with setting up Hardy’s Wine Company in the UK before eventually making a transition into running the European arm of two of the larger vending and coffee machine manufacturers. Initially considering an early retirement, Matt had other ideas and decided to rope me into starting a new business during a pandemic! A coffee drinker all my life, you’ll find me spending most of my time by the roaster, ensuring every roast comes out exactly as we want. Long term Surrey resident, sports-mad (ex-Cobham RFC Captain and Harlequins under-21s) and Papa to Ana and Leo. 

 Favourite Coffee - Flat White (one sugar…sssh!) 

 Favourite Origin -  Papua New Guinea