Discovering Our Brand with Jak Rossiter Design

Discovering Our Brand with Jak Rossiter Design

It’s always great to meet a fellow coffee enthusiast; fellow caffeine-fiend Jak Rossiter came across us when he ordered some Chemex filters along with a bag of our Guatemala La Nueva Era coffee and, a few short hours later, was surprised when his order was already on his doorstep - the coffee having been freshly roasted that morning. Jak is a self-confessed coffee snob and had been falling out of love with his current roaster of choice and came across us by chance. We got chatting about coffee, how we got started, what he did for a living and he mentioned he was in the process of setting up his own design and photography agency. He mentioned he was keen to come to The Roastery to see what we were about and offered to take some photos and videos for our website for free. The same day he posted a photo on his own Instagram with his Chemex and our bag of coffee and we were super impressed with his style of photography.

We felt like his aesthetic was a perfect match for Copper Coffee Roasters, so we quickly took him up on the offer. What we ended up receiving from Jak went way beyond our expectations and we think has helped us to solidify our brand. 


Prior to the shoot he asked us for a breakdown of what we wanted to showcase about our business; we chose the family-run nature of Copper Coffee, the high-quality coffee and the duty of care for the product in the roasting process.

Now, I’m notoriously UN-photogenic (Google “Chandler Bing photo smile” for reference…), so we were keen to try and make the photos seem as real and candid as possible. Jak had some great ideas for shots and was masterful at making us feel at ease and forgetting there was a camera pointed at us. We had such a good time, and if there were any Chandler Bing photos taken, Jak was kind enough to not share them with us!

Image: My sister Chrissie finding Jak's enthusiasm for getting the right shot bloody hilarious!

The end result was a series of photos that I think will dictate for a long time the aesthetic we want to continue at The Roastery, and has inspired us to redesign our website with Jak's help. 


When it came to videos, Jak wanted to highlight the same themes and went above and beyond in coming up with storyboards for the 4 videos he put together for us. If a shot wasn’t quite working, he was able to rapidly come up with an alternative on the fly, again making us feel comfortable and relaxed in the process (why is it you forget how to behave like a human when being filmed?!) Jak's coffee knowledge trumped my own when we used his preferred brew method for the Chemex video, and we ended up making one of the nicest filter coffees I've ever had with our Papua New Guinean beans.

Image: Tearing a bag neatly with a camera running was surprisingly difficult...5th times the charm!

We can’t thank Jak enough and are looking forward to working with him again in the coming weeks as we embark on a revamp of our website – watch this space!

If you need help with logo design, branding, photography, videography, web design you can find all the info you need at Jak's website; you won't be disappointed!

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